ADNE Episcopal Election

In June 2107, Bishop Bill Murdoch announced his retirement and confirmed that he would call for the election of a new bishop in an 18-month process. That work is now well under way. Congregations and clergy have received a copy of the Standing Committee’s letter regarding this announcement, a set of Frequently Asked Questions, and information on changes to the ADNE Canons regarding our episcopal election process. These documents can be found below, along with a general calendar outlining important dates.

We are currently nominating potential members for the Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB), who will take the lead in writing the diocesan profiles, vetting all names that are received by our congregations, interviewing candidates, and forming a final list of nominees for an election at Synod 2018. All nominees must sign the nomination form, along with their parish vestry, which will then send the form to the ADNE Standing Committee. These nominations must be submitted by October 15. The nomination form can also be found below.

Read Bishop Bill’s letter regarding the upcoming election

Important Dates

Submission of all Nominees for the Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB) 19-Oct-2017
Final Slate of Nominees for CNB Chosen 1-Nov-2017
Election of CNB members (Synod 2017) 18-Nov-2017
Diocesan Day of Prayer 16-Dec-2017
Diocesan Day of Prayer 24-Feb-2018
Submission of Nominees for Bishop to CNB 15-Jun-2018
Diocesan Day of Prayer 26-May-2018
Final slate of candidates for Bishop from the CNB 15-Aug-2018
Diocesan “Walk Around” Oct 4-6, 2018
Diocesan Day of Prayer 22-Sep-2018
Episcopal Election (Synod 2018) 17-Nov-2018
College of Bishops Ratify candidate 9-Jan-2019
ADNE Episcopal Consecration (To be confirmed) March 16 or 23 2019
CNB Nominees

The Nominees for the Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB) have been selected! Read their profiles here as we head towards Synod 2017 to elect the final roster for the CNB.

Important Documents


This page will continue to be updated as the process moves forward and more information is released.