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Vina Sweetman’s Legacy of Healing


Vina Sweetman

Since it’s inception in 1991, the Isaiah 40 Foundation has been a source of christian counseling and hope for many struggling with various types of brokenness.  It is a Montreal-based organization serving in the areas of healing and personal wholeness through counselling offered to individuals, couples, and groups as well as through seminars, conferences, workshops, courses and other activities. The Founding President of the Isaiah 40 Foundation, Vina Sweetman, worked for the past 40 years counselling and teaching people from all walks of life, and during that time has counseled many in need, deeply committed to the ministry of inner healing through God’s grace and love. The announcement of Vina Sweetman’s death comes with sadness at the loss of such a spiritual pioneer, and yet we have joy knowing that her race is run and she is with the Lord she served so faithfully.

Bishop Bill wrote the following about this woman of faith and service:

“The life and witness of Vina is such a tremendous gift to the church.  I will miss her presence and her ministry among us. She was such a strong and capable leader of the healing and deliverance ministry that the church needed and still needs . Her gift of leadership and the development of leaders in this ministry will continue to bear fruit and change lives, but such is the way of God in his faithful  servants: they always leave a legacy of love and healthy disciples behind them.”

The ADNE joins in prayer with and for those who grieve her death and love her legacy, that God the Holy Spirit would transform their sorrow and lift their hearts for the next step and the new day that will come for this ministry. That next step begins with the exciting announcement that our own Canon Alex Cameron has stepped in as President of Isaiah 40 and will have a leading role in bringing this ministry towards the direction God has for it in this new season. Please pray for him as he embarks on this new chapter in his Christian service.

Below is the obituary notice for Vina Sweetman, which can also be found, along with other information regarding Isaiah 40, on their ministry website.



  • It was comforting to read of Vina’s legacy of healing on this site. I have known Vina personally for over 31 years and I have benefited greatly from her ministry. I also had the privelege of working as a counselor under her supervision at Isaiah 40. it is encouraging to know that Alex Cameron will be stepping up in a leadership position to support Isaiah 40 during this period of transition following Vina’s passing. I am confident that, as mentioned, in your article, that there are sufficient healthy disciples to continue the invaluable work of this foundation and counselling centre in Montreal, Canada, The United States of America and abroad.

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