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Four on Mission to Central America

Four on mission to Central America: The Brenemans, Jack Melvin, and Ana Reid


We’d love to introduce you to Jim and Mimi Breneman, Ana Reid and Jack Melvin:

Jim and Mimi Breneman – Costa Rica

Jim and Mimi will be leaving for Costa Rica to serve as Latin America Mission (LAM) missionaries working with ESEPA Seminary. There is a need to equip pastors and leaders to serve Christ’s kingdom in Costa Rica and ESEPA Seminary, in San José, is one of the institutions responding to this challenge, training evangelical leaders for 25 years. Both Jim and Mimi have grown up in Central and South America. and have much experience to offer.

Jack Melvin is called, also under SAMS, to work in Honduras as well. He is an architect with a vision for providing adequate shelter for the poor of Honduras. For more on his vision and experience

Ana Reid in Honduras

Ana Reid in Honduras

Ana Reid is our first ADNE foreign missionary and serving in Honduras under SAMS (The Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) to work with the Hope of Jesus ministry, to care for orphans and abused and abandoned children. Ana brings a wealth of experience and a heart for the disenfranchised, having served for over ten years as director of homeless shelters (Citizens for Adequate Housing and Inn Between) in Peabody, MA.

Read more about Ana Reid and her heart for the children of Honduras (PDF).

Please pray for Jim, Mimi, Jack and Ana whom God has called to minister in Central America.

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