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Bishop Bill Visits Church of The Way


September 6, 2015 – This Sunday Bishop Bill was able to visit with The Rev. Lance Giuffrida, pastor of All Saints, Attleboro, and family. Father Lance’s children, The Rev. Ben Giuffrida and The Rev. Leah Turner, are both priests in our diocese and serve at All Saints and their own missions, Church of The Way and New Hope Anglican, Whitman. Due to a difficult condition requiring medical attention, Bishop Bill has asked our diocese to keep Fr. Lance in prayer, and he was able to spend much needed time with him and his family in prayer, discussion, and fellowship as they move through the next season in the life of their churches.

Bishop Bill then visited Church of The Way in Rhode Island, under the leadership of Fr. Ben Giuffrida, at their four o’clock service and their first meeting in their new worship space located in Cumberland. Bishop Bill presided both as preacher and celebrant, and after the service was able to have dinner together with the congregation.

Please keep Father Lance Giuffrida and his family in prayer, along with Church of The Way as they move into a new season of worship and service.


Bishop Bill visits with Church of the Way in Manville, RI and gets to spend some time with Jonathan Young, Church of the Way vestry representative at All Saints, and The Rev. Ben Giuffrida

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