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The Rev. Micah Thompson Installed at St. Timothy’s

Micah Thompson's family

The Rev. Micah Thompson, Jen Thompson, Levi, and Margaret

On Sunday, October 9, The Rev. Micah Thompson was installed as vicar of St. Timothy’s Anglican Mission in Burlington, VT. It was a full house as parishioners gathered together, and many guests from around the diocese came to show their support. St. Timothy’s marked this moment as the end of a long search process, and they were happy to finally welcome him and his family both to their town and to their parish.

Bishop Bill Murdoch presided over the installation in a service that included an induction ceremony where he, along with representatives of the congregation, presented symbolic gifts to the new minister as he took up his charge. His sermon was based on 2 Timothy and the reading from the New Testament, which included exhortations to Timothy to be a good steward of the Word of God and one who diligently studies the Scripture for the benefit of those entrusted to him. Bishop Bill exhorted Fr. Micah to study Scripture in order to know better a number of things which will make him the best vicar he can be; the greatest of these things is knowing Jesus Christ. Study is not just an intellectual exercise, but a decision to come to Jesus through the Word by the Spirit, to hear with understanding and a willingness to obey, and to be changed by Him. What are the other four things he must come to know when studying Scripture?

  • the Word of God as it is written and rightly understood
  • the Saints, who have upheld and applied the teaching of Scripture for centuries
  • the Martyrs, who gave their lives for the Truth of Scripture
  • the cost of truth, and the willingness to suffer for it

Be sure to keep St. Timothy’s, Fr. Micah Thompson, and the Thompson family in your prayers as they begin their new life together.

Check out the full sermon and photo gallery below!


The Study of Scripture, Bishop Bill Murdoch – October 9, 2016:

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  • Congrats Micah! So proud of you😊
    Lord bless you, your family, and the fellowship and ministry of St. Timothy’s.

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