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A New Year’s Blessing at Care Net

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God works in mysterious ways.  His ways are not ours.  In 2006, Care Net was able to purchase a Toshiba ultrasound machine with a grant from Focus on the Family.  That machine is now over 12 years old.  It was time for us to consider replacing the one we have.  Pictured above is our newly acquired Esaote Ultrasound machine.  On the left is Paula Butler, our Nurse Manager and sonographer.  Behind her is Mike Malanson of the Knights of Columbus, St. Anthony of Padua council.  The lady in red is me, Gail Gardner, Executive Director, and behind me is Fr. Dolan, rector of St. Bernards.

The mission of Care Net is to offer life-affirming alternatives to abortion and compassionate counsel to those who face pregnancy and abortion related issues.  The ability to take a picture of the baby in the womb helps.  Let me share with you the story of how this gift made its way to our clinic.

I selected the scripture, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” because my tale begins at the SS Lobster restaurant.  Every Tuesday, my friend Sharon and I go to SS for dinner.  This one particular Tuesday, just before Thanksgiving, a couple of gentlemen stood behind us to place their order.  I couldn’t help but notice that their name badges had “Knights of Columbus” on them so I said, “I see you guys are from the Knights.”  They replied, “Yes, is there anything we can do for you?”  I said, “You can get us a new ultrasound machine.”

We went to our table and they took the table behind us.  I told them I was director of a center in Fitchburg and the ultrasound we have is over 12 years old.  One of them handed me his card.  I learned that he lived and grew up in Fitchburg.  The next day at work I sent him an email inviting him to stop by for a tour of the center.  That was November 15th.  On December 5th I got a call from Mike Malanson telling me that Mark Suomala, the Knight I had spoken to at SS Lobster, had been in touch with him.  Through a series of events, there was a unit available.  A center in Revere had recently purchased a portable unit and no longer needed their Esaote machine.  On December 11th, Mike and Paula’s husband Mark traveled to Revere to pick up the unit and bring it to us.  Mike asked Fr. Dolan to come in and bless the unit, and he did.

The psalmist tells us that God, “formed our inward parts; and knitted us together in our mother’s womb.”  (Psalm 139:13) Through the technology of ultrasounds we get to see babies in the womb, God’s gift.  What a way to affirm life!  Let us be thankful this New Year at the amazing ways God has been at work among us.

~ Gail Gardner
Executive Director, CareNet Pregnancy Center
ADNE Treasurer

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