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The following was written by The Rev. Alan Wilmot, Anglican Church of the Resurrection, in Brewster, MA. We are grateful for his story, and for his willingness to step out and reach his community with the love of Jesus Christ in whatever way they can! 

Brewster in Bloom ( ) is a 3 day festival celebrating springtime. On the final day there is a parade down Main Street, the Brewster in Bloom Parade. Our church decided to enter a float in the parade. My thinking was, “Why not? It will put our faces in front of the community, and it should be fun.” My participation in the actual preparation was very limited, in part because of the Clergy Conference, but an enthusiastic team got together, brainstormed, and produced. By the time I got back, everything was arranged.

I had no real idea what to expect, other than the theme for our float would be “follow us and become fishers of men”. I’d wear my ‘Beach Robe’ (the more historical looking robe I have) and stand in the float while people sat ‘fishing’ from the side. This surely was an anointed event. It’s customary for people on or around floats to dispense candy along the route to bystanders, so it was decided we’d dispense ‘Swedish Fish’. What I didn’t know was that dear saints Althea and Gerry Dorman wrote on some 1,400 small pieces of paper “Jesus Loves You”, and they were attached to each candy wrapper! The people who gave out candy along the route made a point of looking at each person’s eyes and saying “Jesus loves you”. They made contact as the candy was given. Not once did they get a negative response. The interactions were overwhelmingly positive, and I’m very touched by the human contact that happened, and the intentionality of it. One police officer ran up and told me how great he thought our Easter Morning Beach Service was. I noticed veterans loved having that recognized, and so I made a point of it.

We’ve never done this before, so I didn’t know what exactly to expect, but as the event unfolded, my heart swelled with love for how wonderfully my parishioners organized our effort. It was very much a team project, and their execution was brilliant. We plan on doing this again next year. It seems a great way to promote ourselves in the community, and we had a great deal of fun doing it. I look forward to seeing what this team comes up with next year!

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