Make a Donation

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have had such a great year as a diocese; our mission is just beginning. One of the asks we make annually is for a Christmas offering for the ADNE, but this year we want to consider another step beyond the typical one-time holiday donation.

We, the leaders of the ADNE, know that if each of our households made a commitment to a monthly offering of $25, we would collectively surpass the largest churches of our diocese in yearly giving.  Our worshipping members average between 1500 and 2000 people per week. We want to begin a specific campaign to raise this awareness for all our people. Each one of our households can do $25; many can do more. If we set up a simple monthly deduction/contribution from our pay check or accounts, we could see our individual giving reach $30,000 or more per month, which would be the largest monthly donation in our diocese. We can make a very big difference with a simple disciplined act of regular offerings beyond the tithe to the local church. Our link below to “General” Donations will give you the mechanisms to set up regular contributions of set amounts.

This sacrificial act of giving beyond our regular Sunday morning tithes could be the gift that transforms the capacity of the ADNE for mission and ministry here, and it will mean a lot to our new Bishop and his new beginning. It will enact through us that sacrifical love at the center of God’s heart for us.

For Christ and his Gospel,

A blessed Christmas to you all from Sally and I,

The Anglican Diocese in New England is so thankful for our supporters as we build this work of the gospel here in New England.

Every year generous donors have helped shape and implement the mission of Jesus Christ to transform lives and build His Kingdom. We ask you to prayerfully consider what He might lead you to give, and to which ministry, in order to partner with our work and mission. The following links show three ways to give to the mission of the ADNE: general donations, specific ministry funding, and parish tithes. Visit the link that’s right for you:

You may also make a financial donation directly to the Anglican Diocese in New England by:

  • Personal Check made out to the ADNE; sent to our diocesan office (6 Allens Court, Amesbury, MA 01913).
  • Making a Gift of Securities to the ADNE; download directions here (PDF)
  • Including the ADNE in your Planned Giving. Please contact the main office ( for more information.

Please continue to keep us in prayer during this next season, that the Lord would continue to provide the resources, energy, and insight needed to build His Church. Thank you so much for your prayers and offerings as we seek to steward all He has given us in this mission of reaching New England with the transforming love of His Son, Jesus Christ!