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***FILLED*** Job Posting: St. Timothy, Burlington Seeking New Rector

This Position has been Filled.

St. Timothy Anglican Church in Burlington, Vermont, is seeks a priest who is passionate about equipping the saints to do the work of ministry through our individual stories, and corporately, here in the greater Burlington area. We desire to grow under a spiritual leader who draws in and unifies a generationally diverse congregation and shepherds us in making an impact on our community.

The ideal candidate will be a church planter or visionary, fervent in the Faith, and able to navigate easily within the three streams of the Anglican Church (liturgical, charismatic, and evangelical).

In consultation with the Vestry, the priest must discern those activities to be performed and those activities that are to be shared with or delegated to other clergy or laity in the parish.


  • Priest in good standing, ordained, or intending to be ordained, in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision Leadership
  • Assist the Vestry and congregation in discovering God’s vision and mission for the future of the church, and to convey this in the language of strategic planning and missional living
  • Oversee ministry by delegating and holding accountable the laity and leadership to the mission and goals they set together
  • Encourage, affirm and promote stewardship of gifts, talents, and service in the Church


  • Oversee all worship services
  • Train lay preachers in the Scriptures and in skillful presentation of the Gospel message

Christian Formation

  • Encourage and develop a communal parish life in which people are known and loved and are growing in faith together in the context of small groups
  • Nurture Christian discipleship among members of the congregation, including the discernment and development of individual spiritual gifts


  • Assist the church to respond to its call to spread the Gospel in word and deed at home and abroad
  • Develop and maintain a rapport with other local churches and organizations engaged in the work of the Kingdom Administration
  • Consult regularly with the wardens and attend the monthly Vestry meetings
  • In collaboration with the Treasurer, Wardens and Vestry, monitor all aspects of the parish’s assets and finances, budget and spending
  • Facilitate effective communication throughout the parish
  • Oversee the teams delegated to perform Sunday ministries
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