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Job Posting: Office Administrator at CTR

The Office Administrator will often be the first impression people have of CTR. We are a growing and active church and need a Christ-centered leader who is excited to reach our community for Jesus.

The Office Administrator is a part-time role, less than 20 hours per week, working on-site in Danvers. The person who would be a good fit for this role is someone who is very comfortable with database management and Microsoft Office software; someone who loves to multi-task – managing various administrative activities simultaneously (e.g. corresponding with parishioners by phone and email, purchasing supplies, running photocopies, pulling a report from the database, updating the church calendar, doing a mail-merge and printing and stuffing letters for an all-church mailing – among various others). This person would need to be able to create and maintain order – creating and keeping organized electronic and paper files, manage myriad to-do lists and remind other colleagues about their to-dos. Another key part of this person’s responsibilitieswill be to enter data on financial contributions into the church database on a weekly basis and make deposits at the bank. This requires a great attention-to-detail and strict confidentiality.

The Office Administrator will report to the Director of Operations, but will provide support to all staff, clergy and volunteer ministry leaders in various forms.

Specific Responsibilities (in addition to those listed above)

  1. Support the administrative aspects of our Communications and Outreach activities (e.g. preparation

    and printing of bulletins, uploading audio/visual files to our website, updating database of images,

    support events).

  2. Maintain all church administrative, legal and insurance documentation – registration documents,

    building/fire inspections, contracts, etc – ensuring relevant fees are paid and documents filed.

  3. Coordinate administrative aspects of on-boarding new employees – background checks, application

    forms, etc.

  4. Establish and maintain systems for physical security (key and access controls, etc); manage basic CTR

    member, attendee and visitor inquiries.

  5. Responsible for all clerical activities from running errands to making photo copies to answering phone

    calls and replying to general emails.

  6. Serve as primary office interface with facilities maintenance team – coordinating ordering of supplies,

    scheduling support for events, etc.

  7. Special Projects and Events: For example, manage process for meeting certain city regulatory

    requirements for a remodeling project; prepare list of potential volunteers from databases; identify Staff and Volunteer training opportunities; administrate reporting to the office of the Diocese; researchcommunity partner agencies; maintain master calendar and support Rector’s planning and coordinationactivities; print nametags, coordinate refreshments and track attendance at special events.


The successful candidate will be a collaborative team player with proven experience in administrative management and clerical activities. The Office Administrator must have:

  1. Alignment with CTR’s Vision and Mission.
  2. Ability to lead senior and junior team members to meet administrative requirements, not wait to be led.
  1. Extremely efficient with time and tasks to effectively juggle a broad array of activities and constituents simultaneously.
  2. High level of comfort with managing financial contributions – receiving, tracking in a database, making deposits at the bank.
  3. Joyful and excited about “rolling up sleeves” and doing the hands-on-work of filing and preparing and maintaining reports.
  4. Passionate about organizing things (documents, files, equipment, etc); very high attention to detail.
  5. Adept at implementing and maintain systems and processes on an ongoing basis.
  6. Excellent facility with information technology, online cloud-based filing systems (dropbox, office365,, google docs), strong proficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

  7. Must have clear and professional written and verbal communication skills.
  8. Strong capacity for relationship building with various internal and external stakeholders at all levels.
  9. Previous administrative experience in small and growing organizations highly desirable.

Critical competencies include:

  1. Excellent planner with sensitivity to time constraints and resource availability.
  2. Excellent verbal, and written communication skills.
  3. Skilled in conflict identification, management, and resolution.
  4. A relationship builder both with individuals and groups.
  5. Ability to serve effectively in a socio-economically diverse Church setting.
  6. A heart for service to others.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter with reference, “Office Administrator,” to info@ctr- explaining why you would be suitable for the role.

The full PDF job description can be downloaded here: CTR Office Administrator 2019

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