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***FILLED*** Job Posting: Administration and Communications Coordinator

This Position has been Filled.

Administrative and Communications Coordinator

All Saints’ Anglican Pro-Cathedral
Amesbury MA 01913

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Job Description The Administrative and Communications Coordinator assists the Rector in executing or delegating priority tasks by coordinating volunteers, utilizing technologies, managing schedules, and coordinating communications.

Part-Time Position 20 hrs./week; pay-rate $16-20/hr. depending on experience); remote-office options can be arranged; start-date mid-November, 2015.



  • Manage ministry and property projects, and executing routine tasks
  • Help coordinate volunteers, matching their gifts and skills with project and task needs
  • Schedule rector’s appointments and projects, and help set project and event milestones to successfully meet deadlines
  • Utilize and maintain web-applications, computers, and office equipment
  • Create best practices for managing projects and events that can be used throughout the organization.


  • Coordinate weekly all-parish emailing using email marketing platform
  • Coordinate production of weekly service bulletin—content, layout, & printing
  • Coordinate website updates, weekly and as necessary
  • Coordinate weekly service volunteer reminders
  • Coordinate visitor follow-up, member updates, and community-connections
  • Coordinate facilities-use permissions
  • Maintain clear and timely communications with the diocesan office administrator and communications director



  • High School diploma required; Bachelor’s degree preferred

Personal Characteristics

  • Successful candidates will share our organization’s commitment to Christian faith and to the integrity of character that faith calls for, though specifically Anglican affiliation and experience is not a requirement
  • Adapts to change and is willing to acquire new skills
  • Successful candidates will have a track-record of high-initiative task-productivity, working independently, maintaining a level-headed and calm disposition, resourcefully solving task-execution-related challenges, willingly seeking and receiving task-purpose-related guidance

Administrative Competencies

  • Experienced in managing and motivating volunteers
  • Adept at maintaining a task-focus while maintaining cordial relationships
  • Adept at initiating emails and phone calls to set up appointments, make inquiries, and follow-up on delegated tasks
  • Experienced at maintaining information security and confidentiality

Technological Competencies

  • Comfortable with both Mac or PC platforms and experienced in Microsoft Office suite
  • Experienced in collaborative/online computing, especially Google Apps
  • Experienced at project management and schedule-coordination
  • Experienced at data archiving, storage, and management
  • Experienced in email marketing and blogging/website platforms

Work-Style Synergy

  • Preferably, applicants will be familiar with their own Meyers-Briggs type and Strengths-Finder 2.0 themes, understanding how those insights generally inform work-style preferences

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