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Easter in Uganda: An Update from the Field

The following update is written by our missionaries to Uganda, Ryan and Jillian Johnson (and Matthew!), stationed in the Diocese of Muhabura, Uganda. We are excited and thankful for their work and ask you to prayerfully consider supporting them this Easter season both financially and through prayer. To donate to their cause or become a regular support, please visit the ADNE ministries donation page and find the “Johnson Family Mission” in the drop-down menu. 

Unlike many holidays back home where they are all commercialized and materialistic such as Christmas and Easter, holidays here in Uganda are very simple. We go to church and have a meal with family and friends. Isn’t this how holidays should be celebrated? The main reasons we celebrate holidays shouldn’t be for the presents and the decorations, but about celebrating our faith and our families. We will be sharing a meal with a local family. They are a young married couple with a small baby so very similar to our life situation. But we are also hoping to start some new traditions that we grew up with like coloring eggs and possibly an egg hunt. However, we always have to get creative here as there are no egg dying kits or plastic eggs to hunt.

Many of the schools will be on a small break for the next month so it will be another slow time for us. However, I will be teaching English beginning the next term at the end of May which I am very excited about. The principal of the school will even make it around my schedule so I can make sure Matthew is taken care of while I go to teach. Ryan’s classes have also been moved around a little bit which is good as I can now stay at the bakery longer on Thursdays.

We want to hear from people back home about your lives and happenings back in the United States so please write to us via email at this email address or you can write and send small packages to this address:

Diocese of Muhabura

C/O Ryan and Jillian Johnson

P.O. Box 22

Kisoro, Uganda

We might not get back to you right away, but we will respond to everything and we so enjoy hearing from people, so please keep writing to us.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and your support so far, we cannot do this without all of you back home. We are still working at finishing our support raising even from afar, please see section below for more information on this. Finally, we hope that if God is calling you to join us in this journey that you will get in touch with us to see how you can be praying for us, to see how you can support us financially, or to see how you can advocate for us by passing along our information to others in your life. Thank you again for supporting us in every way. And we hope you all have a blessed Easter. Jesus Christ is Risen!

Prayer Requests & Praises:

  • Pray that people will join us prayerfully and financially even now that we are here in Uganda.
  • Pray that God will bring opportunities into our lives to talk about our ministry
  • Pray that Matthew feels better soon. He has a bad cough and had a fever so he is not sleeping well.
  • Praise that we have lots of opportunities to serve here, but also pray that we won’t take on too much too quickly
  • Pray for a new language teacher as the one we had started with has begun an internship
  • Pray for the decision to make in regards to building a home here instead of renting where we are now.
  • Praise for the new opportunity to teach and be at the bakery longer.
  • Praise for Hosea and Gloria for opening their home to us for Easter dinner.
  • Pray for better sleep for all of us as there are lots of new noises surrounding us.

Support Raising:

  • Our monthly goal for support for the three of us will be $3000. This is the recommended living amount for Uganda. This could change in the future as we are spending a lot less than this each month. But we are putting a lot of it aside for any emergencies that might come up.
  • Currently we have 23 monthly partners giving 69% of this goal. And a few more supporters that have pledged to give monthly which adds up to  73.8% (possibly more). Thank you to those who have already started giving. The first half seemed to come in more easily than this second half of our goal.
  • We would like to be at 100% of this goal as soon as possible so that we can be assured safely that we will be able to live and minister in Uganda long term.
  • Would you prayerfully consider giving in some way towards our future living costs? If you are ready to give please click on “Donate Here” at the bottom of this post.

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