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A Christmas Message from Rwanda

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Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord;

Greetings in the name of Christ our Lord!

Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje

Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje

Over the past four weeks of Advent we have journeyed through the opening of Luke’s Gospel. We heard that after a long drought of the Word of the Lord in Israel, John the Baptist came to make straight a path in the wilderness. He called us to repent – to have our hearts turned back to the Father and to care for the poor. Last week we heard the powerful story of a young woman who said “yes” to the Lord’s earth shattering call for her to be the mother of our Emmanuel. We heard the Song of Mary – the song of Joy from a girl who carried in her the Hope of the world.

Soon we will be traversing the night with two vulnerable travelers when the first pangs of birth announce the coming of our King. We will be there when they are turned away from homes and shelter. We will be there when darkness gives way to the day – when God in flesh takes his first breath and the whole of heaven cannot contain its jubilation.

The whole of Advent points us to the mystery of the Kingdom of God. That in the darkness – in our frailty and in our weakness God comes to be with us. This Advent – this Christmas, do not refuse the razor sharp call of John the Baptist to humble ourselves and be spiritually transformed. Do not overlook Mary’s bravery and let us all open the door for Christ when he comes knocking in the middle of the night.

Blessings to you this Advent and Christmas season!

+Onesphore Rwaje

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