From the Bishop

From Bishop Andrew

Dear Friends,

Close to the beginning of this extraordinary journey of discernment, Bishop Murdoch encouraged me that “Godly process always begets great blessing.” I am so grateful for those wise words and to all of you who have been a part of the Lord’s fulfillment of this promise.

We have been so richly blessed by all of your prayers and encouragement. Thank you for your great faithfulness in every step undertaken on our behalf, in seeking His will. One of the greatest joys in this journey is that it has reaped such an abundant blessing of love and friendship. How extraordinary that, before we have even begun, God has gone ahead of us and firmly established our partnership in His Gospel upon the foundation of His love.

The day of Consecration was for His glory. Thank you to so many people, drawn from many congregations, who made this act of worship and Consecration something glorious to remember in Jesus Christ. Thank you to Archbishop Beach and his staff for guidance and encouragement. Thank you to Bishop Attwood for fearlessly living out and sharing God’s living word with us. Thank you to Bishop Murdoch for the gift of his friendship, wisdom and trust. In Bishop Bill, I am truly blessed at last to find the bishop I have long been searching and hoping for! Thank you to Bishops who have travelled far from across the Province and the global Anglican Communion to share in this day. Thank you to the V. Rev. Dr. Nathan Baxter and the Diocesan Staff who labored into the small hours in preparation for the big day. Thank you to the musicians and singers gathered from all over New England who joined us in heaven’s praise. Thank you to all who faithfully served the Lord that day. In your gifts of administration, hospitality, floristry, technical proficiency, prayer and in all your hidden acts of service, you gathered us in a moment where His presence was known, and His name exalted above all names. And finally, thank you to my extraordinary wife and three spectacular daughters whose love, courage and forbearance in the face of adventure is breathtaking.

The Canadian preacher, theologian and global evangelist, A. B. Simpson wrote, “God is preparing His heroes and when the opportunity comes, He can fit them into their places in a moment, and the world will wonder where they came from.” I believe that God has given me a little insight here. In every sacrifice that you have made, in every giant you have battled and laid low, as you have shared in Christ’s sufferings, so you have prepared the way for all people, of every tribe and tongue, to encounter Jesus. I am deeply humbled by the trust that God has entrusted to me, in calling me to serve in the company of His heroes.

In His Great Love and Mercy,

+ Andrew

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