From the Bishop

An End of Year for New Beginnings

December 5, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have begun our 10th year as the Anglican Diocese in New England and have completed a successful Synod, where we worshipped together and hammered out several initiatives including the election of the Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB). Many of you were with us at the beginning of this adventure, the launch of a missionary diocese of orthodox Anglicanism in arguably the most difficult mission area in North America. Now the CNB will be pushing on ahead to help narrow down the selection of candidates for the second Anglican bishop of New England and the start of a new chapter. The second bishop of the ADNE will be elected at Synod 2018 and, God willing, consecrated in our Cathedral sometime in March 2019.

We will, by God’s grace, hand off a very different diocese than when we started. In 2008, we were 15 Churches and Missions with $10,000 in our accounts, a budget of $159,000 that we hoped to raise, and my credit card. Many of our members were instrumental in the purchase of our current facilities that year, when no one in the ADNE had any facilities.  Now from 2017 to 2018, we are targeting a budget of $455,000 and have recently repaired and renovated our Cathedral and our Diocesan/Cathedral Offices at Allens Court in Amesbury. Thank you so much for your part in making this decade of mission launching a success, as we have grown to 24 congregations, plus numerous other ministries, and will be planting more in the coming year.

In doing all this, our two main funds that we depend on have been the Founders Fund and the Next Step Fund. The Founders Fund is the place where we build our cash reserves for the lean months of any church year and any unforeseen difficulties of mission here in New England. The Next Step Fund will be where we begin to rebuild our reserves for the search, discovery, and election of our second bishop. Further, this fund will serve as the resource out of which we prepare to welcome, consecrate, and move him and his family to New England. Both these important funds need refreshing.

I am calling for a campaign to prepare for the celebration and new beginning of our next bishop and to also refresh the diocesan Founders Fund. We will need an estimated $30,000 dollars above budget added to the Next Step Fund for the search, discovery, and election of our new bishop. In addition, we will need to refresh the Founders Fund with the reserve cash necessary to make this transition a solid success. We want to keep going forward and not miss a beat in the cadence of our march toward a thriving, sustainable, and vibrant Anglican Diocese in New England.

Your generous end-of-the-year gift, designated to one of these funds, would help us in a big way to meet these goals in 2018. Perhaps some of you would want to offer a challenge gift or a matching gift to get the churches and parishioners of the ADNE to give to this end, beyond our normal tithes and offerings to the Lord.

May He bless you for your time, prayers, and generosity.

In Christ’s Name,

Bishop Bill Murdoch

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