From the Bishop

Along with All the Saints

November 1, 2019
On the Feast of All Saints

Dear friends,

On this All Saints Day, I want to take you back to my consecration. Here we stood together as a global body, an entire diocese full of saints who have fought hard for their faith over the past ten years. Heaven broke in as we were caught up in not only our praise but the praise of saints around God’s throne. It was a moment that humbled me to the very core of my being, but it was also clearly about so much more. It was a moment when we all felt the curtain rise on a new season of Kingdom adventure, a moment where promises that the Lord had whispered in our hearts were shouted from the roof tops.

I believe that the Lord wants to gather the saints again on the mountaintop and begin putting that Kingdom vision into godly action: a vision to re-evangelize the Northeast; turn the spiritual tide; be relevant in the face of break-neck cultural change while remaining Biblically faithful; be a people of His living Word and the power of His Spirit, both sacramentally rich and missionally bold in love. This is an important moment in our shared life in Christ, and I look forward to us all gathering on the mountaintop to praise our God with all the saints and hear His clear call to action.

Clergy, delegates and guests are welcome; won’t you register today to make sure you take your place in this great celebration? And remember to join me and all our brothers and sisters around New England in prayer as we participate in our 24/7 prayer vigil the week before synod. Let’s partner together, not only in ministry and worship, but also in prayer as we seek God for His best among us.

In His great love,


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