From the Bishop

A Beacon for New England

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Across the breadth of the Anglican footprint throughout New England I have witnessed the rise of a global voice for the Gospel distinguished by His living Word, the power of the Spirit, an entrepreneurial and creative missional zeal, and much sacrifice. This movement has become a beacon, shining the light of Jesus Christ, and it is good news for all people at all times and in all places. Working with my Canons, the ADNE Standing Committee, and other leaders from inside and outside the Diocese, I have begun to develop a diocesan-wide strategy that will serve and support this movement in the following ways:

  1. Fostering a diocesan-wide culture of fervent prayer by developing tools to help us all pray together and remain united in the Spirit. An example of this is a planned 24/7 week-long prayer initiative (November 9-15), which will take place before our November 16 Synod.
  2. Empowering a leadership development program that strengthens our clergy, lay, and marketplace leaders by raising up and coming alongside them to help navigate challenges in ministry and parish life and to strategize for growth. 
  3. Forming a pastoral care plan for clergy and resources to help bring support and healing to our leadership by creating a task force committed to a broad pastoral plan that touches all the areas of our lives and ministries. 
  4. Creating residential curacies and regional Anglican church cohorts that will build mutual support and accountability in multiplication strategies, with a focus on children, youth, and families. 

The challenges we have faced over the past years, along with the blessings that have arisen to meet them, continue to refine our faith. One of these challenges was the passing of a particularly generous benefactor who, as the ADNE came into formation, funded twenty-five percent of our operating budget each year. The challenge the Lord has therefore set before us is to close this financial gap. The sad passing of this donor has prompted a change in season where we transition from a benefactor model to a more extensive Diocesan-wide partnership model. To meet this challenge, we want to encourage our clergy and parishioners to make regular monthly good will offerings to the Diocese over and above our local Parish tithe. My hope and prayer is that, working together, with high participation, we can thrive together.  Below is a link through which we can all contribute to this effort:


I want to thank you for all the positive responses I have had to my daily devotional and weekly blog. It’s been a joy to pray and write for you, and I look forward to continuing them. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it or subscribe, you may do so here: 

Everything I am witnessing tells me that God is powerfully at work in our midst, building a beacon worthy of sacrifice and investment for the sake of those who live in darkness. Thank you for being a part of that incredible call, for your ongoing prayers and your support of the work that God has set out before us.

In His great love,

Bishop Andrew 

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