From the Bishop

Welcoming God: A Christmas Greeting

December 22,2015

Dear Friends,

As we fast approach the Eve of Christmas in this fourth week of Advent, what are the thoughts and actions we can take to settle ourselves into that frame of mind that opens us up to the blessings God might have for us this Christmas?

In the rush of all we hope to do, I suggest we take the time to stop, get away to a private place, a quiet place, and listen to the familiar words of that most incredible event: the birth of God among us.

“In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus . . . And Joseph went up from Galilee . . . with his betrothed Mary, and while they were there the time came for her to give birth . . .” – from Luke 2:1-20

So familiar that we often miss it, let’s not miss it again, doing whatever we can to be there in that place where we hear what God is saying to us all: “I came for you, I still come, and I will come. Will you welcome me?”

The coming of the Lord is of such consequence that we have a lifetime of Christmases to take it in and allow it to transform our dullness into the light of His love in our hearts. What if every Christmas contained a message of love that’s meant for us, just where we are today? I believe each Christmas does.

The question is, will we listen?

Beloved in the Lord, may the love of Christ fill your hearts this Christmas with wonder. May His Spirit release you in praise, so that this year the Father of glory may see and hear in our worship each of our responses to His gift of Jesus given for us.

Blessings of Christmas Joy to you all,


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