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Transformation Life at Christ the Redeemer

April 3, 2016 – Bishop Bill visited Christ the Redeemer, Danvers (CTR) this past weekend for a festive and busy weekend. On Saturday he met with the vestry of CTR and held a three hour workshop, teaching, encouraging, and fellowshipping with them; this was especially important in light of CTR’s 7th anniversary as a church.

On Sunday he preached at all three services, and the last service of the day was a solemn high eucharist, with confirmations and Eastertide aspersions, and the blessing of pregnant women in the congregation. Bishop Bill’s message that day was from Acts 5:41, the account of the apostles being beaten for healing a man, after which they rejoiced because they were counted worthy of dishonor for the Name of Christ. He focused on the transformation of Peter’s character from one who denied Christ to a hero of the faith and our own need to gain strength and seek faith to suffer dishonor in our secular culture for the cause of Christ and for the Christian worldview.

After service he had coffee hour and a Q & A session with adult attendees, in addition to meeting with the six confirmands and their sponsors. Here are the names of those we welcomed into the Anglican Communion this day:

Matthew David Barnes
Joshua Stephen Eipper
Tyler Jonathan Gongola
Devin Michael McGinnis
Justin Gabriel Wirling
Josiah Robert Brian Militate

We join together in prayer and praise, along with the worldwide Church, to welcome these into the body of Christ.

Check out the Photo Gallery from this week’s confirmation service at Christ the Redeemer and listen to Bishop Bill’s sermon below! 


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