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The Great Triduum at Christ the Redeemer

Bishop Bill celebrated and preached at Christ the Redeemer during the Great Triduum. The three holy days led parishioners from Christ’s betrayal by the disciples to his burial in the tomb and through to his resurrection during the night of Easter Vigil. All three services are one long service divided into three parts that tell the story of Christ’s redeeming work.

Bishop Bill continued with his four part series based on the work of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey. He explored  the implications of the Great Triduum for the Church, including the big idea that the Church is not found to exist after Easter but within Easter. She exists as and in the Body of Christ; because there is one body that belongs to Christ on the cross, on the table, in the world, and in heaven, we go through Holy Week to Easter with him and in him. Abp Michael teaches that the Gospel call to the Church to take up our cross and follow Jesus takes on the following phrase: our Christian living happens through dying. The last three parts of his sermon series can be found here:

Christ the Redeemer ended the Three Holy Days with an Easter Vigil that included two adult baptisms, one infant baptism, one reception into the Anglican Communion, and nine confirmations:

Nathan Gray
Ryan Pavelski (also confirmed)
Violet Gosnell

Karl Wacker

Megan Gongola
Jonah Donis
Rosie Safford
Helen Peppler
Sarah Skinner
Joshua Vanada
Joshua Rawleigh
Justin Kedl

An Easter Vigil party and reception was held that night after the service for all in attendance. Please keep these baptized and confirmed in your prayers as they begin their lives in Jesus Christ through the Anglican Church.

Check out the Great Triduum Photo Gallery below!

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