Episcopal Visits

St. Veronica’s Church, Delaware

Bishop Bill flew to Delaware on Saturday the 21st and met with the delegation from St. Veronica’s Kenyan Mission in Middleton, DE. This congregation is a mission church that is part of our Kenyan archdeaconry. Because of the uniqueness of our New England archdeaconry, currently under the leadership of Ven. Peter Gachathi, St. Veronica’s community sought oversight from the ADNE and was warmly received. We have the only Kenyan archdeaconry in the ACNA, and Bishop Murdoch has been in conversation with the other bishops in that area, who are supportive of our oversight in that area. Their new vicar, The Rev. Paul Thuo, was officially installed, and Kezziah Njeri Karanu was licensed as their new Lay Reader. The Rev. Scott Bailey, of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, came to share in the celebrations and lend his support. St. Veronica’s has a new leased building, a brand new Sunday school, and 55 souls were present at the first service of celebration and installation of the new vicar.




  • we are grateful for your visit at the St. veronica Kenyan mission church in Delaware. The vestry and the entire congregation wish to sincerely thank you Father Bishop. Please keep praying for us

    • My former Pastor hongera sana. May the Almighty God continue expanding your territories as you continue in His service. God bless Reverend Thuo, we miss you.

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