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Episcopal Visit: Resurrection Life at CTR

Sunday, April 2 – Bishop Bill visited Christ the Redeemer, Danvers, on Sunday. He preached at the 9 am service, celebrated and preached at the 11am service, and in between did a half hour of interview with Keep Calm and Love Your Neighbor, the adult education program at Christ the Redeemer. This program is a series of interviews and teachings that The Rev. Tim Clayton, rector at CTR, leads with various other clergy and lay leaders regarding the lives and testimonies of christians both inside and outside the CTR community, as well as how they impact those around them for the Gospel.

Confirmations and Receptions were done at the 11 o’clock service. A total of nine individuals were confirmed and four were received into the Anglican Communion. Several couples were confirmed or received together and Bishop Bill blessed their marriages and they were able to renew their marriage vows. Several people received a word of knowledge or encouragement from the bishop during their confirmations.

Bishop Bill also preached a sermon on the power of the Resurrection and how resurrection life, which Jesus brings us, is born in us when we are dead. It is the dead who need to live again. Many Christians have mortal wounds and ignore the gravity of their brokenness and the parts of us that remain dead in the world. The passage from the Old Testament reading on the Valley of the Dry Bones serves as an example to us of how Israel, spiritually dead as it was at the time the prophet had the vision, was promised resurrection life from the breath of God. These scriptures help us know and learn how to pray, “Out of the depths I cry to you – Oh Lord, hear my voice”

Check out the sermon, Praying Out of the Depths, here:

After the services, a lunch was served and Bishop Bill was able to fellowship with parishioners and leadership. The following is a list of those who were confirmed and received. We pray for them as they begin to walk out their new life as confirmed members of the historic Christian Church and the Anglican Communion, that they may flourish and draw closer to God as they find their place within His Kingdom.


David Clayton Watts

Amy Grace Thissell

Hudson Taylor Keifer

Valine Savannah Mullen

Katie Lynn Smith

Edward Avedis Sarkissian

Jodi Ellen Fryling

Brent Frying


Richard Scott Ladd

Eric Michael Keifer

Jennifer Elizabeth Keifer

Jonathan Michael Bailes

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