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Episcopal Visit: Redeemer, Franklin

On Saturday, September 24, Bishop Bill traveled to Franklin, MA for a busy weekend of work and worship. A South Shore clergy meeting with 14 clergy from across the South Shore met together for four hours at Anglican Church of the Redeemer, Franklin. The meeting, centered around extensive morning prayer and sharing, was hosted by The Rev. Dan Sylvia, parish rector. Clergy meetings provide the opportunity for meaningful support and prayer for our clergy, as well as calendar updates regarding upcoming work and events. The meeting was followed by a workshop with the parish rector and wardens.

On Sunday, Bishop Bill preached and celebrated at the Redeemer, Franklin service, after which he shared a lunch and met with a visiting vicar from Good Shepherd, Forestdale, The Rev. Jeremy Phelps. During the service, he preached on 1 Tim 6:11-19, exhorting the congregation to a holy interior life of prayer around the verbs found in the Scripture, through which Paul exhorts the young pastor to an active prayer and moral life that flees from immorality and embraces the life of the cross. The grace of God in us empowers us to conduct our life with Jesus and stand against the temptations of the world. “Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, and gentleness . . . fight the good fight . . . take hold . . .” The scripture and his sermon were exhortations to an interior life of action for spiritual growth.

Listen to Bishop Bill’s sermon below:

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