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Episcopal Visit: Palm Sunday at All Nations

Sunday, April 9 – Bishop Bill visited New Haven, CT, and the community at All Nations Christian Church. On Saturday before the Palm Sunday service, he went to dinner with The Rev. Geoff and Blanca Little, along with our candidate to the diaconate, Dr. Abraham Chan, and a visiting Anglican priest from China to discuss various mission and ministry goals in the diocese. The sense of All Nations began to expand through Sunday’s service, with the presence of these two Chinese ministers interested in helping bring a Chinese expression of the Faith here in New England that reflects their work in China.

Sunday’s service began with the procession of palms outside the school building where All Nations meets for worship. The procession was followed by the reading of the Passion according to St. Matthew, after which Bishop Bill reaffirmed the baptismal vows of David Vasquez as he committed to continue his work as a lay person with in the ministry of the church and the surrounding community. Bishop Bill then gave a brief homily on Phillipians 2:5-7, about the humility of Christ and the uniqueness of his person as the God in flesh. He fully God and fully man, yet he was able to set aside his rights as God to become one of us.

The vibrancy of All Nations’ worship service, both in Spanish and English, continues to be a unique experience in our diocese. The strength of the community and their families is growing. Geoff and Blanca Little have done an amazing job at building and sustaining the life of this parish, along with the powerful witness of their private Christian school, All Nations Christian Academy.

Please keep All Nations Christian Church and Academy in your prayers this Easter season as they press on in their mission around the New Haven area.

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