Episcopal Visits

Episcopal Visit: Grace Anglican Church, Newport

On Sunday, April 23, Bishop Bill first drove to Brownsville, VT to visit Brownsville Community Church, a Methodist congregation led by The Rev. Christian Huebner, a priest in our diocese. Bishop Bill was warmly received by the community, which has grown by 60 percent under Fr. Christian’s care and ministry. Many Anglicans in the area are now worshipping together with them.

After lunch with the vicar and his wife, Bishop Bill drove to Newport, NH, to conduct Holy Eucharist at Grace Anglican Church’s afternoon service. At both services, he preached a sermon on two phrases from the Second Sunday of Easter lessons: “Receive the Holy Spirit,” what Jesus said to the disciples at his post-resurrection appearance, and “you are born again to a living hope,” from 1 Peter chapter 1. Those two phrases, along with the passage from John chapter 3 on being born again, connects the reception of the Spirit as the moment one is born again, the Spirit being the agent of our new birth.

Please keep both Grace Anglican Church, Newport, and Brownsville Community Church in your prayers, as they seek to walk in the Spirit towards deeper transformation. We look forward to a long and prosperous Anglican ministry at Brownsville with our Methodist brothers and sisters. Please keep The Rev. Christian Huebner and his family in your prayers as he pastors both communities and continues to bring the Gospel and discipleship to those under his care.

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