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Episcopal Visit: Easter at All Saints’ Cathedral

Bishop Bill spent Easter Vigil and Easter morning at All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral. It was the first time All Saints’, as Cathedral, held the Easter services, and it was the last time services would be held in the sanctuary until the new renovations are complete.

Bishop Bill was the celebrant at the Easter Vigil service, and The Rev. Dr. Nathan Baxter, soon to be Dean of the Cathedral, preached the sermon on the power of Christ’s death and resurrection to destroy the power of Death. At the service, participants entered the darkened sanctuary with only candles lit as they marched towards the altar in procession. The Paschal candle had been lit by the Sacred Fire outside the cathedral doors and was processed down to its rightful place. Once inside, the congregation heard Fr. Nathan chant the Exsultet, before the liturgy of the Word began. This culminated in the lighting of the sanctuary and the ringing of the bells in celebration that Christ is Risen.

Easter Vigil has historically been the time that catechumens, those being instructed in the Faith, receive baptism and their first communion in the Church. This year, three parishioners were confirmed by Bishop Bill during the service: Mary Moore Rabb, McLean Rabb, and Robert Eversole. We are thankful that they are now full members of the Anglican Communion. Please pray for them as they find their place within their Cathedral spiritual home.

The next day, Bishop Bill preached an Easter sermon on the Resurrection and, particularly, on the role of St. Mary Magdalene in bringing the Gospel that Jesus was alive to the other disciples. She was apostle to the apostles, and in choosing her, the Lord began undoing the limitations placed on society’s marginalized.

Please continue to keep All Saints’ Cathedral in your prayers as they work hard to finish renovations on the sanctuary and the property around the Cathedral before the consecration service on June 10th, 2017. For more information on the service, visit the information page, and to donate to the cause, be sure to visit the ADNE donation page.

Check out the Easter Vigil and Easter Day Celebration photos!

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