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A Day of Celebration at Imago Dei

On Sunday, November 6, Bishop Bill visited Imago Dei Anglican Church in Bangor, ME, for a heavily attended service of confirmation and celebration. This was made even more special by its proximity to the week before, when the parish moved from its former place of worship into First Baptist Church, Bangor. The new facilities have been painted and refreshed through the efforts of many volunteers in the parish community. Their move has provided the parish with staff and pastoral offices, and we are blessed by their growth. Before the service, Bishop Bill met with the wardens, parish staff, and their rector, The Rev. Justin Howard, to review and discuss the challenges of this fast growing church plant.

The All Saints’ Day service provided their highest attendance in their history, over 150 guests. The enthusiasm and joy of the worship service was palpable. Many commented on the beauty of the Anglican service, during which Bishop Bill both preached and celebrated. The sermon, which may be heard below, was based on Revelation 7:15-17, with an emphasis on the two phrases illustrating how God shelters us with His presence, and how the lamb in the midst of God’s throne leads His people.

Of note was the large amount of confirmands that the Church was blessed to receive and recognize:

Emily Deline Cécire
George H. Miller, III
Jamie Lynn Thompson
Jacki Lynn Schmidt
Jordan Daniel Schmidt
Eric Charles Thompson
William David Fink
Tifani Shirley-Irene Pedro
Demelza Nason Ramirez

Steven Edward Blackmore
Gloria Susan Blackmore
Virginia Phelps
George Phelps

Please join the Anglican Diocese in New England in welcoming and praying for those who were confirmed or received this past week. Keep them in your prayers as they begin to walk out their faith and ministry in God’s Kingdom through their common life at Imago Dei. We are thankful to have them with us!

Listen to Bishop Bill’s sermon from All Saints’ Sunday, November 6, 2016:

Check out the photo gallery from Sunday’s service!

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