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Celebrations at All Saints, Attleboro

Fr. Lance Giuffrida officially retires as rector of All Saints’

This past Sunday, Fr. Lance Giuffrida officially retired as rector of All Saints’, Attleboro, after 16 years of service. In addition, parishioner Don Lowell retired as their organist after 40 years of serving. Bishop Bill was there to remember and celebrate the service and impact both men had on the Attleboro community. This was their last Sunday serving officially in their positions.

130 people were in attendance to witness not only the celebration of their service but also the confirmations of seven members. During the confirmation service, Bishop Bill preached on the difference between the phrase “obedience to faith” and “obedience of faith,” two different ways to translate the phrase found in Romans 1:5 and Romans 15:18. Paul begins and ends his epistle with this point: the mission’s goal is to bring about the obedience of faith. Translating it “to faith” implies that there is an obedience to a theological construct, a “Faith” called Christianity that converts must adhere to. Instead, what Paul is teaching is that there is an obedience which springs from a dynamic faith, or a trust in the living God. We do not live out obedience to a Faith but to Christ, by the Spirit, through faith in Him.

After the service, the congregation continued to celebrate the occasions of the day through a potluck lunch and fellowship. Bishop Bill met with representatives of the parish search committee and vestry, which continued to show a lot of excitement about the interview process in the search for their new rector.

Fr. Lance blesses the congregation and Bishop Bill

Below are the names of those who were confirmed during the service and welcomed into the Anglican Communion:

Christina Brousseau
Michael Brousseau
Emily Brousseau
Meara Curran
Isaac Giuffrida
Teresa Turner
Michael Sexton

Please keep them in your prayers as they begin to walk out their faith in the All Saints’ community, and be sure to keep Fr. Lance Giuffrida and Don Lowell in your prayers as they begin the next chapter of their lives and service to God.

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