Episcopal Visits

Cape Cod Connections

This past weekend, Bishop Bill visited our Cape Cod churches, Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd and Anglican Church of the Resurrection. He spoke with both vestries and clergy, especially in regards to the changes happening on the Cape between these two congregations. The mission of Good Shepherd, Forestdale, has asked to return to the mission church of the Resurrection, so that united they may become a more forceful congregation to bring the Gospel to Cape Cod.

The outcome of these meetings created a new excitement for evaluating the churches on cape cod and finding a new mission to pursue together for both congregations. A committee from both vestries is working together to develop a new mission statement, values, and goals for the direction of the church in 2018.

Bishop Bill preached on Psalm 29:10, which states that, “The Lord sits enthroned over the flood.” The two boats in the Bible that showed God’s control over the waters was the boat that contained Jonah, when he was trying to escape the call of God, and the boat that held the apostles, when Jesus came to them on the water. Both boats were in a struggle to overcome conflict, but the Lord rescued them out of difficult seas.

Now on Cape Cod, these two congregations are two boats coming together to make one and may face many challenges ahead, but a boat cannot find any direction unless it’s moving; turning the tiller at the dock doesn’t help. Giving ourselves to follow Jesus and letting him be Lord and Savior of our life means that we get into our boat, trust in His protection over the chaos, and follow his direction to find our way.

Please keep both congregations in your prayers as they begin to seek the Lord for a renewed mission and ministry together.

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