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Bp Andrew Visits All Nations

On Sunday, 13 October, Bishop Andrew visited All Nations Church in New Haven, Connecticut.  Alongside the Rev. Geoffrey Little, he celebrated a bilingual Eucharist (English and Spanish), which is the practice of All Nations Church every week.  The bishop presided over three confirmations of young Latino teens: Samantha McClain, Adrian Colón, and Lorenzo Martinez. There were also two adult reaffirmations: Greg Fitts and James Kok.

James Kok is a Sudanese man who came to the US as a refugee some twenty-five years ago.  From the time he arrived in New Haven, Pastor Geoff and Blanca took James under their wings, and he was active in the church for many years.  Now, after a period away, he has returned to the congregation with a renewed faith, and he welcomed the opportunity to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop.

Bishop Andrew preached a stirring sermon on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, focusing on the reckless and excessive love of the father toward the wayward son as he returns home.  The bishop concluded by saying, “the Father God could not love us more than he already does and he will never love us less…”  James Kok, among many others in the congregation that day, felt as if God was speaking to him powerfully in that message.

Please keep All Nations Church in your prayers for this upcoming year.

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