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Bishop Bill’s Final Visit to CTR as Diocesan Bishop

September 14 – Bishop Bill visited Christ the Redeemer, Danvers fo this final episcopal visit before he retires. He greeted people at the 7:45 AM service, preached at the 9 AM service, and preached and celebrated at the 11AM.  He spoke during the fellowship hour and The Rev. Tim Clayton, Rector of CTR, interviewed him in regards to stories about the founding of the diocese and the beginning of his episcopate. 

During the sermon, Bp Bill taught on there being “no other Gospel” out of Galatians 1:1-10. “In this season,” he said, “when people in North America seem to be so hyper about taking positions over and against each other, wouldn’t it be hypothetically smart for us as Christians to bend a little on our singular Gospel message? No. It’s because people are fighting against one another, searching for and arguing for truth, that we must stay focused and loyal to the Gospel message we have received.” The question he posed was how we can listen to other worldviews without being uncaring but also without wavering.

There were 14 confirmations and two adult baptisms during the service, and Bishop Bill also renewed wedding vows for two couples who were confirmed. 


  • Hannah Whitney
  • Jared Whitney


  • Jonah Donis
  • Ian Clayton
  • Matthew Ravichandran
  • Hannah Whitney
  • Jared Whitney
  • Victoria Arau
  • Katherine Steininger
  • Chaz Woodstock
  • Jillian Woodstock
  • Matthew Trumbull
  • Kirsten Trumbull
  • Nancy Bergner
  • Lewis Austin

Please keep those confirmed and baptized in your prayers, and the community at Christ the Redeemer, Danvers, which is currently undergoing a capital campaign for a 4 million dollar building upgrade and a parish life center education wing. To find out more about this project, visit http://ctrnorthshore.org/featured/building

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