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Bishop Bill Visits All Saints Cathedral

On Sunday, November 20, Bishop Bill visited the newly named All Saints Anglican Cathedral. Through the course of the baptisms and confirmations of the day, he had the privilege of baptizing his own granddaughter, Matilda Ray Murdoch.

Bishop Bill taught the sermon (which can be heard below) and afterwards proceeded to baptize little Matilda. The Rev. Canon Susan Skillen was also present to baptize her own granddaughter, Sylvie Marguerite Whitten. The double baptism by both grandparents was a particularly significant occasion for both Bishop Bill and Mthr. Susan. The service moved on to the confirmations of All Saints’ parishioners John Haile and Erika McNeil. The congregation then shared a time of fellowship and celebration.

Please join us in welcoming the two newest members of the body of Christ, Matilda and Sylvie, and our two newest confirmands, John and Erika!

Bishop Bill’s November 20, 2016 Sermon:

Check out the day’s photos in the gallery below!

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