Episcopal Visits

Bishop Bill Visits Redeemer, Franklin

Bishop Bill visited Anglican Church of the Redeemer, Franklin, following the ordination of The Rev. Craig Vickerman in Attleboro. That Sunday was Redeemer, Franklin’s Fall kick-off day with family fun and celebrations after the service. There were confirmations and receptions for three people: The Rev. Dr Jeff Dorn and his wife, Jessica, and The Rev. Pierre Alfeghaly, who was received from the Roman Catholic Church. The Revs. Dorn and Alfeghaly will be going away on ordination retreat this coming week, with Joe Balducci from New Hope in CT, and will become deacons in the Anglican Church in December.

During the service, the Gospel was preached and the Eucharist celebrated by Bishop Bill. Afterwards, the parish leaders met to discuss the next steps in their future life together as a parish. Please keep Redeemer, Franklin, and those who were confirmed in your prayers.

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