Episcopal Visits

Bishop Bill visits All Nations Christian Church

On Sunday, April 8, Bishop Bill visited All Nations Christian Church in New Haven, CT. It was an encouraging visit with a high attendance that included several new faces and families. Several of All Nations’ members attended The Rev. Joe Balducci’s ordination and added to the Anglican presence in Connecticut with their support of Fr. Joe.

Bishop Bill preached and celebrated, and in his sermon spoke on the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering the priesthood of all believers and, particularly, the role of the Christian priesthood in expressing the call that all people have, which is to represent Jesus to the world. He focused on John 20:18 and noted how women were in the room when Jesus came among them and breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit and empowerment to forgive the world of sins in his name. After the service, he met with the Rector, The Rev. Geoff Little and his wife, Blanca Little, and discussed the mission and ministry of All Nations Church and its school, All Nations Christian Academy.

Coffee Hour at All Nations Christian Church

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