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Redeemer Mission Event: A Night of Sight, Sound & Story


The Charity Arts Event at Redeemer, Franklin entitled Expressions

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 – Redeemer, Franklin’s charity arts event sought to immerse the visitor in the sights, sounds, and stories presented by the featured artists who, through their talents, reflect an aspect of God and His heart for the world. The congregation’s worship space was once again transformed by Redeemer’s hard-working parishioners, with round tables spread throughout the room and a living-room styled sitting area, complete with couches, coffee table, and area rug that added a casual and comfortable flare to an otherwise elegant event.


Sharing some laughs and gearing up for a night of art and music

The night moved through a balanced rhythm of seated conversations with the artists, self-guided walks around the gallery, guest speakers, and a highlight of the evening: a concert on the harp by our own Mthr. Piper from Imago Dei Church in Bangor, ME. The Arts Event was a full but well-paced evening, and those who bought tickets were treated to a fully immersive experience.

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Guests admire Mattie Simas’ Myanmar collection

In addition to Mthr. Piper’s concert and the following question-and-answer session, the featured artist of the night was photographer Mattie Simas. She presented her two collections to the audience: Patterns, Textures, and Shapes, a series of stunning pieces taken during her voyage to Namibia among the Himba tribe; and Resilient After a Half Century of Oppression, an evocative and moving series of portraits exploring the lives of individuals from Myanmar affected by 50 years of military regime and isolation. Her images have appeared in publications such as Photographers Without Borders Magazine and Black and White Magazine, though the majority of her photos appear in newsletters and communications materials for several humanitarian organizations. Most importantly, she is part of the Redeemer, Franklin community and was able to share her passion, not just to interested guests but to her brothers and sisters in Christ.

Suzanne Moseley was also able to display her work that evening. She is an owner of the Moseley Mills Complex in Franklin, MA and a talented visual artist, whose graphic design and woodcut printmaking create organic and beautifully layered images, which were shown both in the Redeemer sanctuary and the Sanctuary Salon & Day Spa next door. Along with Mattie Simas, Suzanne donated a piece of her work to the charity raffle benefiting Compassion New England and Mission to Myanmar.

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Photographer Mattie Simas and Fr. Dan Sylvia

Redeemer, Franklin succeeded in raising over two thousand dollars that night in support of these two very important charities. In addition to financial aid, they raised awareness for the various needs they provide for. Through sight, sound, and story, the second day of Redeemer’s Mission Event Weekend presented and supported the work of God in the world: presenting the gospel at work in a church community that cares passionately for the needs of others, and supporting that work through service and creativity.

Unable to attend the occasion? Take a virtual tour through the online art gallery below:


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