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Ordinations at Grace, Bridgewater

On Saturday, June 3, Bishop Bill Murdoch ordained two of our brothers to the diaconate at Grace Anglican Church, Bridgewater. The service took place there, rather than in the usual venue for diaconal ordinations, due to restoration work taking place at our cathedral. Christopher Hatton, pastor of what was Trinity Community Church, which became Grace Anglican, has been in the ordination process for the past year and now joins Anglican Orders. He was joined by Dr. Hiu Tung Chan, a Lutheran minister from Hong Kong, who has begun the Center for Chinese Initiative, an outreach to Chinese students and the Chinese community in Maine. Dr. Chan, also known as Dr. Abraham Chan, is pursuing the Anglican Priesthood, and as a deacon will continue to serve in his current ministry initiative.

The ordination service included their oath of conformity, canonical obedience, and adherence to the Scriptures after each was presented. The Litany for Ordinations was led by The Rev. Brian Barry, priest at Christ the Redeemer, Danvers. The sermon followed, in which Bishop Bill preached on the call and purpose of the diaconal order: a call to carry the words of God in heart and mouth, and to serve the Lord and His Church with confidence. Bishop Bill focused on St. Paul’s letter to Timothy regarding the character and good example of a deacon, and, seeing as both Christopher and Dr. Abraham are married, the role of service that a deacon holds not only in the Church but in their marriages and families.

Following the sermon, both ordinands were examined, after which they received the laying on of hands and were ordained. We were then blessed to witness the licensing of The Rev. Agnes Kuria, priest from the Church of Kenya, who is now serving with the Kenyan community at Faith Anglican Church, Bridgewater, which shares worship space with Grace Anglican Church. The Rev. Agnes was admitted into the ADNE and will now be canonically resident here to serve the Church in New England.

After this, the ordinands joined Bishop Bill at the Holy Table to serve for the first time and celebrate the Eucharist. A reception lunch followed in the parish where friends, family, and clergy celebrated together.

Please join the ADNE in praying for our new deacons, that they may embrace their mission of service in the Church and to the world and find their joy in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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