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Men’s Encounter Weekend 2017

The annual Men’s Encounter weekend took place February 10 – 12 at the Ski-Hi Conference Center in Topsham, ME, following on the heels of the Women’s Encounter Weekend a few weeks before. The Encounter God Weekend is a life-changing retreat designed to bring believers into a renewed relationship with the living God. Many Christians still struggle to reach a soul-satisfying level of holiness and acceptance before God, and they’re missing out on the abundant life of joy and freedom that Jesus promised. The Encounter weekend makes the basic truth of Jesus’ Gospel fresh and real in people’s hearts by presenting teaching on various aspects of the Christian life and healing, followed by prayer.

This year about 35 men attended the conference who were ministered to by about ten prayer ministers. The prayer team took turns teaching on topics like sin, the cross, sexual purity, repentance, the Holy Spirit, and more. Each session was followed by prayer, where the men were led to the Lord for repentance and release. The prayer team ministered in pairs and stood by each person as they came up to share their stories, struggles, and desires, helping them bring those burdens and needs to Jesus, and expecting a healing word or simply a healing moment as they stand in God’s presence. Confession of sin, reception of the Holy Spirit, prayer for addiction, and release from deep-seated grief, regret, and emotional pain testified to the men that Jesus Christ is alive and that He loves them. Many testified to a greater sense of freedom and returned to their various denominations and church families with a stronger faith and sense of God’s purpose for their lives.

We encourage all men in our diocese (and women for the Women’s Encounter Weekend!) to consider going to the next Men’s Encounter weekend (stay tuned for more information), especially if you’re looking for a weekend away with other Christian men who are seeking more freedom, where you can receive prayer and lay your burdens down at the foot of the cross. Please continue to pray for Imago Dei Anglican Church, particularly Fr. Justin Howard and Amy Howard, as they administer these weekends and plan for the coming year.

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