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Journey to Emmaus

The following was written by The Rev. Jerome He, an ADNE priest working with The Rev. Dr. Abraham Chan in the Golden Lampstand missionary initiative, and currently ministering in Flushing, New York’s Chinese-American population.

Since the ordination and acceptance service of three Chinese clergymen, The Revs. Abraham Chan, Jerome He, and Ambrose Sun, we have received a calling from God to build an Anglican church in Brooklyn and serve the Chinese community. We believe it is a real vision, because we have seen the desire for Anglican tradition in the recent years of preparation. God has already provided all the necessary resources to move forward.

In the process of realizing this vision, we faced various challenges and had doubts. As human beings, we wished we could start our work in better conditions, however, recalling the Great Commission, we realized once more that Jesus’s promise is to be alongside us as we march on this road. He does not present all the beautiful fruits before us and let us pick easily. After much consultation with Bishop Bill Murdoch and the prayers of brothers and sisters, we decided to plant an Anglican church for the Chinese population here named after the road to “Emmaus”. We saw that the mysterious encounter with the Lord on the road to Emmaus came upon us, with our blurry eyes brightened and our weak hearts strengthened.

After we developed this concrete goal, God gave us a wonderful testimony. A sister decided to accept baptism at Emmaus Anglican Church. What inspiring news! This baptism was not only about a saved soul but also about the affirmation for our ministry— “The Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.” (Acts 2:47, KJV) On October 15th, 2018, we administered Holy Baptism for Theresa Michelle Qian Cao at the space rented from Brooklyn Herald Gospel Center. The Sacrament was witnessed by about 20 brothers and sisters. May the Lord encourage us with this good start and may we have the abundant fruits of Christ in our evangelical march. We ask for the blessings from Bishop Bill and all the churches from the Diocese as we move forward on our “Journey to Emmaus”.

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