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Spotlight on Missions: The Johnson Family

This next Synod, November 19, 2016, we will be commissioning two missionaries to Uganda, Ryan and Jillian Johnson, along with their new son, Matthew. We wanted to share this spotlight on their call and ministry as they prepare to head out, after Synod, to begin their work in the Diocese of Muhabara, in Kisoro, Uganda. Please join us in praying for them and their work, and consider supporting their work through the ADNE Ministries donation page. The Johnson Family Fund will go towards their living expenses as they build their new lives among the Batwa community. Be sure to read more about them in the original post on their ministry as they began preparations at St. Peter’s Church of Uganda, in Belmont, MA one year ago.

picture-with-bishop-810x608Their Story 

Ryan and Jillian were both raised in Farmington, NH. Ryan is the middle child, having two brothers and one older half-sister. Jillian is the younger of two children, with one sister. Ryan and Jillian were married on May 25th, 2013 and have one son, Matthew Joseph, born on November 3, 2015.

Jillian was baptized and raised in the Anglican Church and attended regularly. Ryan attended church with his mother and brothers when he was younger, until about age 10. He then started attending youth group with some friends in high school and was later baptized at a non-denominational church, where both of them have recently been attending.

Jillian graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Cross-Cultural Christian Ministries and then went on to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to earn her Master of Divinity. She worked in a data entry position until Matthew was born and now is staying at home until their departure for Uganda. Ryan took building trade classes in high school, along with computer programming classes after high school, and has been working full time since. For the past six years, he has worked in the construction of custom cargo trailers.

A Vision for Ministry

Past: Jillian went on her first short-term missions trip to Nicaragua after her first year of college, during which she fell in love with full time overseas missionary work and felt the calling of God into this line of service. She continued short-term missions throughout her college career to Nicaragua a second time, Ghana, Israel, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Ryan had never been on a missions trip before meeting Jillian, and he took a trip to Haiti where God confirmed his calling to full time overseas missionary work. They then both went back to Haiti after being married, and then went on a survey trip to Kisoro, Uganda, in November of 2014, where they are planning on serving full time.

Present: Jillian was doing Sunday School full time; however, after becoming pregnant, she stepped down due to the demanding work. Ryan is one of the leaders for the middle school youth group at their church, and he will continue to do this until their responsibilities take him away from this. They are trying to focus on being new parents along with the full time work of support raising.

Future: They are in the process of becoming full time missionaries in the Diocese of Muhabara in Kisoro Uganda. Ryan will be working in the Vocation Trades Center, teaching them all he has to offer in building trades and basic computer skills. Jillian will hopefully move into Women and Children’s Ministry and possibly ordination in the Diocese. Both Ryan and Jillian would like to reach out to the Batwa community, along with the Diocese’s help. The Batwa community is an ostracized people group from the rest of the town and have a lot of basic needs – schooling, clean water, gardening skills, and vocational skills.

Prayer Requests
  • that people will join us prayerfully and financially
  • that God will bring opportunities into our lives to talk about our ministry
  • that we can go to churches and to talk with individuals to find more supporters
  • that everything will come together before our training in October
  • that we will be approved for our work permits

Would you prayerfully consider giving in some way towards their lives and ministry? Please visit the ADNE Ministry Donations Page and select “Johnson Family Fund” from the drop down menu to pledge your support. If you have questions about their ministry or giving towards their ministry, please contact them by email at thejohnsons@swissmail.org and be sure to keep them in your prayers!

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