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The Holy Spirit and the New England Alliance

On Saturday, November 11, Bishop Bill visited the New England Alliance Holy Spirit weekend, where he was a guest speaker, along with other New England church leaders. The conference was hosted by Lion of Judah’s Roberto Miranda. Teachers and Speakers included: Roberto Miranda (Senior Pastor, Lion of Judah, Boston), Dick Kiernan (Director, Alpha New England), Shawn Foster (Senior Leader, Life Alliance and The Crossing Church, Windham NH), and Gregg Healey (Coordinator, Impact Connecticut), along with Bishop Bill.

The gathering was a fruitful time of learning about and encountering the third person of the Holy Spirit, where participants not only heard teaching but also received prayer for a deeper experience of the Spirit. The New England Alliance churches see both biblical knowledge and biblical experience of the Holy Spirit as being essential for what God is doing in New England.  He is the “Promise of the Father”, the “Teacher”, and the member of the Godhead who causes us to be united to Christ and to one another.  As a John 17 unity movement, they are committed to welcoming the Unifier into our midst as our indispensible and honored guest. This conference was a piece of that movement.

Check out the Holy Spirit Weekend photo gallery below!

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