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Dr. Abraham Chan Ordained to the Priesthood

On Saturday, February 24, the Rev. Dr. Abraham Hiutung Chan was ordained to the priesthood at Christ the Rock Fellowship in Worcester, MA. The location was kindly provided by the Christian Missionary and Alliance congregation, and their pastor, Steve Barrett, joined us in the celebration. About sixty people attended the service.

The Rev. Dr. Chan was a Lutheran minister from Hong Kong, who began the Center for Chinese Initiative (CCI) here in New England, now stationed in Connecticut. His work with the Golden Lamp-stand School of Ministries is part of this new project.  CCI partners with Gordon Conwell Seminary and others as they seek to build reciprocal ministry between the Church in North America and China, with a particular focus on reaching Chinese students and the Chinese community in New England.

The ordination service included the oath of conformity, canonical obedience, and adherence to the Scriptures. The sermon followed, in which Bishop Bill preached on the call to Holy Orders: a call to carry the words of God in heart and mouth, and to serve the Lord and His Church with confidence. The sermon can be heard below:

We were also blessed to witness the conditional ordination and licensing of The Rev. Naimu Sun, a Chinese deacon, and The Rev. Jerome He, a Chinese priest. They will both be helping The Rev. Dr. Chan in his work in Connecticut at forming Chinese Anglican communities of mission and ministry. Deacon Naimu’s daughter, Teresa, was baptized during this service, and the combined ordination/baptism was a first for Bishop Bill.

After this, the three ministers joined Bishop Bill at the Holy Table to celebrate and administer Holy Communion. A banquet followed after the service at a restaurant in downtown Worcester, where friends, family, and clergy celebrated together. Dr. Abraham and Stella Tse, his assistant, both gave updates and encouragements regarding the vision of The Golden Lampstand to bring the Gospel to New England. Dcn. Naimu and Fr. Jerome spoke on their call and walk with the Lord up until that day.

Please join the ADNE in praying for our new clergy, that they may embrace their mission of service in the Church and to the world and find their joy in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Check out the Ordination Photo Gallery below!

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