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ADNE Election Walk-About

On Thursday, October 11 to Saturday, October 13, the diocese held its episcopal election Walk-About at three locations, during which The Rev. Andrew and Elena Williams and The Rev. Canon Thomas and Carol Herrick spent three days visiting the diocese, answering questions from churches, and asking questions themselves about the work underway in New England. Each location’s session was led by two moderators and included opening prayer and music, after which the guests were split into two groups that each attended separate but simultaneous Q&A sessions upstairs and downstairs, where attendees listened to each candidate. A link to the audio files for most of these Q&A Sessions can be found below.

If you have not already done so, please read the candidates’ profiles, resumes, and answers to the written questions submitted to them by the CnB earlier this year. The link to this information can be found here: http://www.ad-ne.org/election-news/

Whether you are a delegate and are preparing to vote or a member of the diocese preparing to pray, ask yourself the following three questions, prepared by Bishop Bill and Canon Susie Skillen of the CnB, as you think about what you experienced during the walk-about, re-listen to the audio, and pray.

  • Which speaker provided the answers, ideas, or stories that you believe most resonated with you and with the Holy Spirit?
  • As you listened to each candidate, what moments inspired and motived you to want to follow the vision and leadership presented by each speaker?
  • Who do you think will best inspire and lead us to follow God’s call for the ADNE and our mission together?

The Question and Answer Sessions

Please Note:You do not need an Evernote account to access and listen to these files. Due to technical difficulties, the upstairs session at All Saints, Attleboro does not have an audio recording. The upstairs session at All Saints Cathedral had technical difficulties and certain parts were missing, however, most of that session has been preserved.

  1. Imago Dei – Bangor, ME:
  2. All Saints – Attleboro,MA:
  3. All Saints Cathedral – Amesbury, MA:

O Great and Mighty God, who bestows all good gifts and who anoints leaders to lead your church and advance your Kingdom, graciously guide the minds and hearts of those who will choose a new bishop for this Diocese. Let them follow in the examples of faith set forth by our Savior and his Apostles to trust in your provision of the person whom you desire to fulfill this office. Lord, bless and guard the candidates that from among them we would receive a shepherd who by your power will protect, feed and tend the flock of Christ. Grant us grace to obediently follow him, receiving in unity your chosen leader. Go before him and us, that by your grace, help, and favor, we may continue the work you have prepared for us to do, that we your church may bring honor and glory to your holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rev. Piper Runnion-Bareford prays for the Walk-About at Imago Dei
Rev. Andrew Williams at a All Saints Attleboro Q&A Session Upstairs
The Rev. Canon Tom Herrick at a All Saints Attleboro Q & A Session

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