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Seventeen Fellows recently completed “Boston Fellows 2.0”—our expanded model. The results are in. Not only have we equipped several times more emerging leaders to serve God and neighbor in the working world this year than in previous years, the program seems to have had an even greater impact in their lives. They included an engineer, a doctor, a filmmaker, an electrician, business people, a programmer, a soldier, a student chaplain . . . What professional diversity among this class of Fellows!

Listen to what they say about the year:

“The fellows program has shaped my view of the intersection of work and culture…. Since God made us, and God Himself as a worker, and we are created in God’s image, then God is given us a province to oversee in His kingdom and we have the responsibility to do well in what we’re given now.” Amanda, health administrator

Team-building and study

“I will be returning to the army this summer and I think I am better equipped to serve my work. I work knowing that every single aspect can be related to God’s beautiful vision.” And: “This program also increased my desire for God. Learning about not only his love for me but his love for the entire creation has enlarged my view of his love and has pushed me to look to him to satisfy my deepest longings.” Mike, captain, U.S. Army

Sharing and daring

“As a Christian I often feel isolated at work, without fellow Christians to process the challenges, joys, and hopes within my profession. This program was refreshing in that I was able to explore the role and value of my vocation through a Christian lens (without apologies!).” Christina, M.D.

Hearing from those who have gone before

“A large part of my job is developing story, and sometimes in developing the Christian themes…. The opportunity and need to engage in rich conversation each week – articulating, defending and adjusting my beliefs/statements – has also made me more confident of who I am and what I stand for both in and out of work. I am thankful!!!” Valerie, filmmaker

Life on life

“My understanding of Christian involvement in the workplace was baseless prior to the Fellows. After having completed our program, I feel confident knowing God’s four part story and His intentions for ALL work. The reality of all creation being good and our responsibility as believer’s to restore all of creation (thanks to the work for Christ) has forever changed the way I view work.” And: “I have been much more intentional about my influence in the workplace. God has me in this environment, as a believer to make an impact! Working with integrity, pursuing excellence, caring for personal lives, meeting with other Christin co-workers to pray before work.” Will, #1 sales rep of 100 new recruits at his tech firm

“Since the very start, I have developed a whole sense of meaning for what I do in general and that has been really helpful. I know God is and will use me where I work and I have been seeing the fruits of this program.” Ramez, engineer

“The program contributed to my job/work performance by helping me to keep the prize in mind as the apostle Paul puts it (Philippians 3:14 – “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”) while doing my day-to-day work. Specifically, for my role, when consulting with customers, this has helped me do what is best for them in a sacrificial and loving way as much as possible with God’s help. It has also helped me be available and dependable for my sales team and their needs. Being able to do both of these has helped my customers and sales team do their work better, free up time, improve business to take care of their families and themselves, and overall improve quality of work life. God has blessed me with an MVP award for the December-February quarter as a result.” Adam, computer systems engineer

Your prayers and financial support help make this program possible. We praise God for your partnership!

Kelly Alvin Madden, Ph.D., M.Div.
Director, Boston Fellows
978.828.7265 m

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