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Prayer Meetings That Matter

Rprayer-retreat-2014-spiralecover “Prayer Meetings That Matter.” This challenge was issued by Bishop Bill Murdoch at October’s Intercessory Prayer Retreat. In his brief survey of The Book of Acts, Bishop Bill pointed to various accounts that show the church engaging in different types of prayer meetings (Acts 4:23-31, 11:27, 12:12-18, 13:1-3; 16:11-15, 25-35, 21:7-14). As the year unfolds we will highlight how those around New England are taking up the challenge of recovering Prayer Meetings That Matter. Here is one example by Janis Taylor:

The Billy Graham “My Hope” Event

“I had just spent two days at the ADNE Intercessory Prayer retreat in Connecticut. Apparently the three-hour drive from the conference center to my home was long enough to forget my commitment to ‘prayer meetings that matter.’ I say this because when I picked up my messages and heard the invitation to lead the prayer effort for the Billy Graham ‘My Hope’ event my first thought was to decline. I’m not ready for this, I thought to myself. And then that still small voice gently replied, if not now, then when will you be ready? It was almost humorous. Yup. I did just commit to ‘prayer meetings that matter’ three hours earlier, did I not?

In the few weeks before the event the Holy Spirit helped me to assemble and ‘prepare’ a group of twelve intercessors and prayer partners. I put ‘prepare’ in quotes because these faithful people had plenty of experience in prayer. But I was able to offer some guidelines and a model based on what I’d learned from Bishop Bill in the past, including years of serving at Alpha events in the ADNE.

The plans for the event included a turkey dinner before the showing of the 30-minute Billy Graham video, and then the invitation to prayer. This is significant because we planned for 80 people. Twice that number showed up. The biggest problem we had that night was too many guests. That’s a joke, because that was not a problem. The Lord orchestrated a loaves and fishes story with regards to the turkey. And all six of our ‘prayer stations’ were occupied with souls moved to receive the Lord and recommit their lives to him. This was a profound encouragement to all those serving at the event, including the prayer team, and especially to yours truly who nearly missed the opportunity to be part of a prayer meeting that mattered.”

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